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'Every shot counts'

Winner 2016  Best Cinematography for The Chameleon at 

British Independent film festival

Winner 2020 Best Cinematography Madrid


By Light of Desert Night

Speaks spanish and portuguese and some bulgarian

Flies planes

Plays Basketball

lives in London 



Jim Greayer  Daniel Simpson  David Snell   

Katy Bell  Phil Griffin  Rupert Brian  James Rees

Graham Fink  Guy Ritchie  Eric Will  Fatima

Andrew Smith  Andy Soup  Greg Masuak  Alan Friel  

Paul Barulis  Senol Kormaz   Murat Kucuk  

Richard Jung   Julien Temple  Omar Hilal  

Sean De Sparengo  Frankie Caradonna

David Stoddard  Justin Dickel  Ben Jones

  Andy Morahan  Semih Menda Andy Hylton

Jonson Dangelo  Jez Murell